Electronic Leitner Box

  • Electronic Leitner Box, Iran Patent No 38010, Patented in 2006
    • Iranian National Elites Foundation 3rd level patent development grant
    • This is a cool electronic gadget for learning second language and extend your vocabulary
    • Specifications: 65k Color LCD, MMC card slot, USB Connectivity, Very simple and user friendly interface, Using low cost and high performance 8-bit AVR MCU.

Laser Distometer

  • Laser Distance meter , Iran Patent No 27669, Patented in 2001
    • Honorable Tehran City 4th Khwarizmi youth award
    • Using laser and triangulation method to measure distance and length
    • Specifications: Measuring range is up to 10m, Using 3-digit 7-segment display, EPROM and look-up table based design